Resep: Lezat Birthday cake owl

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Birthday cake owl Gum paste nest for bride's own owl toppers. Just make your standard cake, and use these cute owl candles. A little keepsake and story for your little one to cuddle with and remind them of this party for years to come. Kamu bisa melakukan Birthday cake owl menggunakan 12 bahan dan 7 langkah-langkahnya. Begini caranya mencapainya.

Bahan-bahan dari Birthday cake owl

  1. Mempersiapkan 100 gr of dcc.
  2. Kamu memerlukan 150 gr of margarin.
  3. Mempersiapkan 4 butir of telur.
  4. Kamu memerlukan 150-200 gr of gula pasir.
  5. Mempersiapkan 1 sdm of bubuk coklat.
  6. Mempersiapkan 2 bungkus of chacha.
  7. Kamu memerlukan 1/2 bungkus of simba sereal.
  8. Kamu memerlukan 200 gr of tepung protein sedang.
  9. Mempersiapkan 1 sdt of sp.
  10. Mempersiapkan 1 sdt of vanila.
  11. Kamu memerlukan 2 sdm of susu bubuk larutkan dikit aja.
  12. Mempersiapkan sejumput of Garam.

An easy way to make a gorgeous three tiered celebration cake with a cheeky owl as the top layer. It's taken me so long to get the first images from my birthday cake up on the blog. For this first post I took a few photos as I went along you can see how the owl and bottom two tiers were made. Place the small cake (flat side down) on top of the owl body.

Birthday cake owl cara-caranya

  1. Untuk dcc ditim boleh dioven boleh tapi jgn lama nanti gosong.
  2. Cairkan mentega.
  3. Masukan Gula, Telur,sp,Garam,Vanili,Mixer sampai Mengembang dan Berjejak.
  4. Setelah mengembang Tambahkan susu bubuk, bubuk coklat dan Tepung terigu sedikit demi sedikit Mixer dengan kecepatan rendah, dan tambahkan Mentega yang sudah di leleh kan Mixer sampai rata..
  5. Siapkan Cetakan yang sudah diolesi mentega dan tambahkan sedikit tepung terigu agar tidak lengket.tuang adonan secara perlahan ke dalam cetakan agar tidak tumpah.
  6. Hias dengan ditutup coklat dan beri simba disekeliling burung hantunya dan bagian dada dengan caca permen..
  7. Sajikan dengan ❤️🎉.

Insert a wooden chopstick through the center to keep the layers secured. Spread the reserved white frosting on the front of the owl body for its belly (see photo). Smear the Nutella frosting on the rest of the owl body and head. When it comes to cake designs, the owl cake designs are really common. These nightly birds may be associated with dark and mystery, but they are still super cute and can be even found as pets.

Resep: Lezat Birthday Cake Owl
Resep: Lezat Birthday Cake Owl
Resep: Lezat Birthday Cake Owl
Resep: Lezat Birthday Cake Owl
Resep: Lezat Birthday Cake Owl

Resep: Lezat Birthday Cake Owl

Resep: Lezat Birthday Cake Owl