Resep: Enak Putu ayU

Putu ayU. Putu Ayu or Putri Ayu is one of the Indonesian desserts/snacks originated in Java. It is basically a steamed pandan mini cake with grated coconut on top. Ayu which in Javanese means beautiful is indeed the visual point of this cake because the shape and color of Putu Ayu make a very pretty appearance.

Putu ayU Using an electric mixer, beat Ingredients D on high speed till pale and creamy. Gradually add coconut milk mix while alternating with flour mix. Put a layer of fresh grated coconut on the bottom of the greased molds. Kamu bisa melakukan Putu ayU menggunakan 9 bahan dan 4 langkah-langkahnya. Begini caranya mencapainya.

Bahan-bahan dari Putu ayU

  1. Mempersiapkan of Bahan.
  2. Kamu memerlukan of tepung terigu.
  3. Mempersiapkan of gula pasir (resep asli 200 gram).
  4. Mempersiapkan of santan.
  5. Kamu memerlukan of telur.
  6. Kamu memerlukan of SP.
  7. Kamu memerlukan of Pasta pandan.
  8. Mempersiapkan of Parutan kelapa.
  9. Mempersiapkan of Garam.

Press the grated coconut a bit with one finger to make the final results firmer. Kue Putu Ayu (Steamed Cupcake with Grated Coconut on Top) is one of Indonesian snacks/desserts originated in Java. Indonesians also have another cake called Kue Putu. Both are made by steaming but Kue Putu has a tube shape with palm sugar filling.

Putu ayU cara-caranya

  1. Parut kelapa tambahkan sejumput garam lalu kukus 15 menit,siapkan wadah masukan kelapa yg sudah matang tekan".
  2. Siapkan wadah masukan telur,sP,gula pasir aduk hingga berjejak,lanjut masukan terigu,santan sedikit-sedikit aduk memakai spatula terakhir masukan pasta pandan.
  3. Lanjut masukan adonan ke wadah lalu kukus 10 menit.
  4. Angkat sajikan.

The tube shape comes from the bamboo tube that is used to mold the cake. Kue putu mangkok, kueh tutu, kue putu ayu, or putu piring is a round-shaped, traditional steamed rice flour kue or sweet snack filled with palm sugar, and commonly found in Indonesia, Singapore, Malaysia, and Southern Thailand. It is usually made using stainless steel molds with a distinctive flower shape. Putu ayu, or puteri ayu, which loosely translates to "pretty princess" in Bahasa Indonesia, is thought be Indonesian in origin, but can also be found in Malaysia and Singapore. This beautiful steamed treat, shaped like a mini bundt cake, is essentially green pandan sponge cake crowned with shredded coconut.

Resep: Enak Putu AyU
Resep: Enak Putu AyU
Resep: Enak Putu AyU
Resep: Enak Putu AyU
Resep: Enak Putu AyU

Resep: Enak Putu AyU

Resep: Enak Putu AyU