Resep: Sempurna Oreo Cake (Simple Birthday Cake)

Oreo Cake (Simple Birthday Cake). Come See our Unique Cake Gifts! Check out our new Mini Cake Explosion Boxes and Mini Cake Variety Packs This Birthday Cake Oreo Cake just screams PARTY! Layers of dark chocolate and Funfetti Birthday Oreo cake, filled and frosted with birthday cake Oreo frosting and drizzled with hot pink ganache.

Oreo Cake (Simple Birthday Cake) Have a watch and let me know what you think in the comments below! This Oreo cake is beyond decadent. Filled with chopped Oreos, which add both creaminess and crunch, and the buttercream is literally to die for! Kamu bisa memasak Oreo Cake (Simple Birthday Cake) menggunakan 21 bahan dan 7 langkah-langkahnya. Begini caranya melakukannya.

Bahan-bahan dari Oreo Cake (Simple Birthday Cake)

  1. Mempersiapkan of Bahan Kering :.
  2. Kamu memerlukan 300 gr of Terigu Segitiga.
  3. Kamu memerlukan 90 gr of Cokelat Bubuk.
  4. Kamu memerlukan 100 gr of Oreo Bubuk.
  5. Mempersiapkan 4 sdt of BPDA.
  6. Kamu memerlukan 1 sdt of Vanilla L'Arome.
  7. Mempersiapkan 3/4 gr of Garam.
  8. Kamu memerlukan of Bahan Basah :.
  9. Kamu memerlukan 220 gr of Anchor Unsalted Butter (optional).
  10. Mempersiapkan 400 gr of Gula Pasir Halus / Icing Sugar (Gula Claris – optional).
  11. Kamu memerlukan 5 butir of Telur Utuh (berat 65-70gr dengan cangkang).
  12. Kamu memerlukan 75 gr of Kopi Espresso / Nescafe.
  13. Mempersiapkan 325 ml of Susu Cair UHT Full Cream.
  14. Kamu memerlukan 1/2 sdt of Vanilla Extract Jansen.
  15. Kamu memerlukan of Buttercream Frosting :.
  16. Mempersiapkan 400 gr of Mentega Putih.
  17. Kamu memerlukan 100 gr of Hollmann Soft Cream.
  18. Kamu memerlukan 200 gr of Icing Sugar / Gula Halus Claris.
  19. Kamu memerlukan 2 sachet of SKM Putih.
  20. Mempersiapkan 1 sachet of Dancow Full Cream.
  21. Mempersiapkan 3-4 sdt of Vanilla Extract Jansen.

Something about all the cookies blitzed into the frosting is just transformative. The whole thing is crowned with a chocolate ganache that just takes everything to another level. The cake recipe is super simple. It's an oil-based cake, so all you need to do is mix you oil, sugar and eggs and then mix in the dry ingredients.

Oreo Cake (Simple Birthday Cake) langkah-langkahnya

  1. Blender Oreo tanpa krim nya @133gr. Ayak dan Campur semua bahan kering..
  2. Mixer high speed 5-7 menit Mentega dan Gula sampai Creamy texture..
  3. Masukan telur satu persatu, kocok low speed 1-2 menit, lakukan sampai telur habis..
  4. Masukan Kopi Cair dan setengah adonan kering, mixer sebentar asal tercampur..
  5. Masukan susu Cair dan sisa adonan kering, mixer sebentar asal tercampur saja, lanjut mengaduk dngn Spatulas..
  6. Siapkan 2 Loyang Bulat ukuran 22cm tinggi 4cm & alasi dngn Baking Paper. Tuang adonan lalu ratakan & hentakan beberapa kali. "NOTE : Sebelumnya (Preheated Oven 20 minutes – 180°C – Api Atas Bawah)!" Baking di suhu yg sama : 180°C – 30 menit – Api Atas Bawah. Selamat mencoba yaa mommiiieeesss 😊😘.
  7. Ini saya hias sederhana dengan Buttercream dan Chocolate Ganache Drip,, dan diberi topping Oreo 😊 Happy Baking 🎂👩‍🍳.

It's a nice and stable cake, which makes it great for a layer cake, and it's really fluffy with lots of air bubbles throughout. An Oreo cake is made by preparing the chocolate cake first. Once the cake cools down, it's filled and frosted entirely with Oreo frosting. Finally, it's topped with chocolate ganache and decorated with roughly chopped Oreos. The step by step instructions and recipe can be seen and printed below.

Resep: Sempurna Oreo Cake (Simple Birthday Cake)
Resep: Sempurna Oreo Cake (Simple Birthday Cake)
Resep: Sempurna Oreo Cake (Simple Birthday Cake)
Resep: Sempurna Oreo Cake (Simple Birthday Cake)
Resep: Sempurna Oreo Cake (Simple Birthday Cake)

Resep: Sempurna Oreo Cake (Simple Birthday Cake)

Resep: Sempurna Oreo Cake (Simple Birthday Cake)